Personal Training Manchester: How Does It Work?

Ray offering personal training Manchester services at Urban Reform gym

Maybe you know someone who has a personal trainer in Manchester or have just heard positive things about the help that personal trainers can provide. Or maybe you’re finding yourself in a bit of a rut and looking for someone to give you some extra guidance. Either way, perhaps you’re not entirely sure how it all works and what to expect.

Well, you’re in the right place! Read on to find out more about what it is and how it all works…

What is personal training?

Personal training is a service whereby a coach plans your training sessions for you and coaches you through them, usually at the gym.

They will write programmes (basically what you will be doing at the gym each session over a period of time) tailored specifically to your current fitness level and abilities as well as to your goals. This one is key – if you follow the same plan as your mate does, but they are working towards running a marathon next year and you would like to build muscle and strength – you’re not going to be achieving your own goals.

Or if you follow a programme for someone looking to build strength when your main focus is losing weight, again you’ll likely face the same problem. This can be quite demotivating but you’re not sure what you should be doing instead. And that’s what we do.

We also help a lot with the motivation side of things as well both in the gym and between sessions, as many people can find it very difficult to stay motivated. Being accountable to someone else other than yourself also has a significant impact on how well you will stick to a programme and therefore the results you’ll see.

Many personal trainers in Manchester also offer nutrition and lifestyle coaching as part of their service (like me!). This is because these elements are just as important as the work you put in at the gym and so we offer consultations and advice alongside training sessions.

How personal training Manchester works

So every trainer is different but personally, I will take you for a coffee (unless online works better for you) to discuss your previous training and lifestyle habits and learn a bit more about you and your needs. This is also your opportunity to ask as many questions as you like about me and my service.

After all, if we are going to work with each other a few times per week, we need to be a good fit. If you don’t enjoy it, it will be harder to stay motivated!

After that, if you want to get started, our first session will be a chance for me to see how you move and where you are currently at so that I can write a programme that’s appropriate and specific to your needs and goals. We’ll also book our first nutrition and/or lifestyle consultation if this is an area you’d like support in. And we’re off!

Depending on the frequency of your personal training sessions, your programme will be changed every 4-6 weeks to ensure we continue progressing towards your goals.

How much personal training costs

So this really depends on the personal trainer and whether you are having to pay for a gym membership on top as well.

To give you a ballpark though, hourly personal training rates typically range from £30-65 per session, depending on the coach and if you have any specialist needs.

Now, certain coaches, myself included, have access to private gyms where you can come for sessions without paying a membership to the gym itself, which cuts the cost for you (yay!). I cover the cost of using the gym myself so the cost to you is purely for my personal training in Manchester services.

My pricing always fits within the standard rates and for block bookings (so signing up for a certain number of sessions/programme length) you’ll be looking at the lower end – of course depending on how many times per week we are training and your goals.

Pop me a message if you are interested in personal training in Manchester and we can go into this in more detail.

How to sign up…

Again, different coaches will have different ways in which you can enquire, either by filling in a form or simply dropping a direct message over. For myself, I have a contact page on my website or you can check me out on Instagram and drop me a message on there to arrange a consultation.

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