Nutrition and personal training frequently asked questions (Faqs)

Manchester city centre! Or just North of the centre, in New Islington.  I have my own studio over at Pollard Yard which is a welcoming, inclusive and private space for us to train, free from the intimidation and ego of the average gym.

This is a great question as every client that comes to me has a different story, goals and interests. This means that they each benefit more from different parts of my service than others. For some, it is the accountability and motivation as this is something they can’t manage themselves (which is more common than you realise – we all have things we need help with!). For others it’s wanting to learn how to lift properly and gain independence and confidence in the gym, or perhaps they just aren’t seeing results and so need a professional to get them on the right track with a tailored programme, and for others it’s support in managing their training, nutrition and general lifestyle to maintain a routine that allows them to keep hitting their goals, long term. These are just a few examples of who a personal trainer is appropriate for, but really, anyone looking to make progress in the gym or increase their overall health both physically and mentally, could really benefit from personal training!

More expensive than a gym membership for sure. Everyone has different things that they decide to spend their income on whether that’s going out for food/drink, getting their hair done, nails, buying the latest games or going on the odd weekend away. For all these things, they have decided that it’s worth spending a certain amount of money. 

I would say many Personal Trainers offer good value, especially when they offer other services like support outside of the gym to help you achieve your goals, so if something is expensive but you feel you are getting lots of value from it, is it not worth it? Personally, my rates are very competitive as I am more driven by ‘finding clients I love working with’ than purely being in it for the money 🙂

Absolutely! Being plant-based myself I love working with vegans and so may get a tad enthusiastic when I get one of you lovely lot popping me a message 😉 

It’s always good to make sure that you are giving your body everything that it needs. With a vegan diet, it’s a bit more difficult to do this successfully than meat-based diets, so whether the training element is something you are going ahead with or not, I would still very much recommend a consultation and analysis of your current food/drink habits. This is something that I offer, so head over to the You&Food page and drop me a message via the form at the bottom if you would like to discuss vegan personal training more detail.

YES! <3 My ultimate goal is to actually open a queer friendly, safe, inclusive gym of my own – somewhere that is designed with inclusivity in mind first and foremost and not as an afterthought or just for commercial advantage.

I do indeed, however I mainly do in-person training, especially with clients that haven’t lifted weights before so that I can make sure they are lifting safely and efficiently from the start. From there, some clients choose to go remote with online programmes and check ins through the app. For more experienced lifters, I do offer online training from the start so let me know if this is something you feel will work best for you.

Don’t worry! I work with lots of clients who are new to personal training so you are in good hands! Firstly, we’ll arrange a consultation so that I can fully understand your goals, but also so that you can fully understand my process and ask any questions you have too. 

Then, an initial assessment of your abilities and movement in the gym as well as a nutrition assessment (if appropriate) so that I have all the information to make a detailed plan going forwards. This can include a tailored training programme, macro and micro nutrient targets and other targets like water consumption and other activities such as walking, mindfulness practices, and anything else that could benefit you. Again, this will very much depend on your goals and what you are looking for – a lot of this may not be necessary if you are simply looking to build up your strength or train for an event, so the training side of things alone might be our main focus. If you are on more of a weight loss journey however, much of the above will be a great help to you.

Basically, expect a structured process with clearly defined goals given to you by your own personal cheerleader who is there to support you every step of the way 🙂

No, I have my own fitness studio over at Pollard Yard which is fully equipped with everything we need.

Most definitely. A programme your friend is on is unlikely to suit you and your goals. Simply following someone else’s programme because it has worked well for them, is unlikely to work for you. Your tailored workout plan will be written with your current abilities in mind but also your specific goals so that we get you making real progress from the start.

A typical session includes 4-6 key exercises using free weights in them gym but again this can vary according to your goals so we would need to have a chat first to give you a clearer idea of what we might be doing in a typical session. If you are nervous or unsure and would like to know more about what to expect, let’s have a chat 🙂

Absolutely, I always want to know how you feel things are going and am constantly reviewing your progress myself. For training, we can always discuss a few things during sessions or have a sit down afterwards. For those opting to include nutrition/lifestyle support, your progress is reviewed more formally on a weekly basis.

This depends on your personal goals and current fitness levels. To see real progress, a minimum of 2 sessions each week is required. For beginners though, 2 is the maximum we would go for to start with as your body adapts to the new stress you are placing on it. 

After the first month or so we can review and increase sessions as needed. For those that have been training recently, we can look at 2+ sessions. 

If you are still wondering ‘how often should I train?’ – we can discuss in more detail the appropriate number of sessions needed to work towards your goals during a consultation.

It depends on your goals and also whether you would like to! I do have clients that do certain things with me and other activities outside of our personal training sessions, and equally I have clients that do some sessions with me and some at their own gyms, still from my programme. But exercising outside of our personal training sessions isn’t necessary as I can work what you need into our sessions (depending on what you are looking for). 

What I would say though, is it is best to build up a routine you enjoy. Exercise is so good for you so whatever kind of movement you enjoy is something you should pursue!

 This is really down to preference. At the end of the day, you are going to stick to whichever you enjoy the most so I would go with the option you enjoy most. I offer both personal training (1-2-1) and partner training sessions (2-2-1) and you are welcome to give both a try and see which you prefer. Who do you think might make a good training partner?

This is a really common question. And at the end of the day, a lot of it is down to you and how well you stick to advice! But of course, everyone is genetically different so everyone’s body reacts differently to exercise so it can be hard to predict exactly. Also, it depends on your goals (I know, there’s a bit of a trend here!). For body composition goals (building muscle, ‘tone’, or losing body fat) you should start to see a difference in the first 6 weeks. Mentally, you can feel results even in the first few sessions!

This is a very good idea! Fuelling your body in the right way is really going to help you to achieve your goals – whether it’s building muscle, strength, losing body fat or training for an event, all of these goals require you to be fuelling your body correctly. Personally, I fit both of those needs as I offer both nutritionist and personal trainer services, but the best results come from a combination of both!

I used to not know what I was doing in the gym and felt intimidated by the weights section in particular. Now I can do things like pull ups, bench press, deadlifts etc, it feels really empowering and honestly, pretty bad ass! 

The feeling of continuously getting stronger and being surprised by your body’s capabilities is an awesome feeling and I love sharing it with others. It’s amazing what confidence in your body’s abilities and of course the way it looks can do for your confidence in all other areas of your life. I love seeing my client’s grow and progress – I feel so proud! It’s a very rewarding and fulfilling job!

If you head over to my contact page and fill in the interest form, it gives me a good idea of what it is you are looking for and therefore whether I may be the right coach for you, or whether someone else with other specialities may meet your needs better. If it sounds like we could be a good fit, the next step is to arrange a consultation which usually entails grabbing a brew and chatting about your past experiences, your goals and also a chance for me to tell you more about what my process looks like. For now though, all that is needed from you is a few details via the form 🙂