Is a personal trainer worth it? 10 reasons to hire a PT

Personal trainer Ray coaching a client through a deadlift

So, you’ve been considering hiring a personal trainer. But the question you keep asking yourself is – is a personal trainer worth it? 

The fact you’re reading this probably means that you feel a personal trainer is going to help you achieve your goals. But, understandably, you’re still unsure as to whether you really need a personal trainer and whether it is actually worth the money. Maybe you’re looking to be convinced? Well, if that’s the case, I’ve pulled together 10 answers to the question “is a personal trainer worth it?”; many of which are reasons my clients initially decided to reach out.

1. You’re not seeing results from your current routine

Perhaps you’ve been doing the same workouts that used to produce results or going to the same classes as before – but your progress has somehow plateaued. This is more common than you think and often I have people asking for advice on how to structure a programme for themselves that will work and then how to review and alter this going forwards.

Your lack of results may also be linked to your nutrition and/or lifestyle habits – something that certain personal trainers will also be able to analyse and advise on to help boost your results again.

2. To motivate, challenge and push you

Linking to my previous point about plateauing results, it might be that you are struggling with motivation in the gym – or maybe you haven’t yet started but you know that you are going to find it difficult to push yourself. Either way, having someone pushing you to the correct intensity, encouraging you and challenging you more than you’d challenge yourself is going to be key in producing the results you’re looking for in the gym.

3. You don’t know what you are doing or where to start

 It might be that you don’t actually know where to start, or maybe you do have a plan or programme you have found online, but you aren’t sure how to use most of the equipment at the gym. Correct form is incredibly important in the gym, primarily to avoid injury but also so that you are actually getting the most out of each exercise. You don’t want to be putting lots of time and effort in and for the exercise not to be working the area of your body you’ve intended.

The amount of ‘advice’ online (some can be really useful but all too often instead comes from unqualified individuals looking to score off of clickbait) can be overwhelming too and maybe you’re not sure what sort of exercise you should be doing to get the results you’re looking for, whether you have a mental or physical health goal or simply an aesthetic one.

4. To manage your progress

 It’s important to follow a structured programme that is tailored to both your current abilities and designed specifically for your goals. This is where a professional comes in as they can put the work in for you and keep reviewing periodically to add variety and adjust the programme to avoid the dreaded plateau I spoke about earlier.

Your personal trainer will also plan the programme with knowledge as to where you could look to progress within a certain space of time. It is never an exact science as everyone’s body is different but they will be able to monitor your progress and if any adjustments are needed then they can manage that accordingly.

5. Safety!

When asking if a personal trainer is worth it, safety is high on the list of reasons to hire a professional. Incorrect form and mishandling of gym equipment can result in injuries of varying severity – you probably know someone who has injured themselves during a workout and has had to take time off while they recover (which is super annoying when working towards a goal!)

This is why many beginners seek out personal trainers such as myself to show them the ropes and make sure that they know how to use gym equipment safely. As mentioned in one of my previous points as well, good technique also means you get the most out of the exercise, and whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned gym-goer, most people will have technique improvements they can make.

6. Accountability

This one can make a huge difference. If you have committed to a certain number of sessions per week, you’re less likely to miss sessions as your coach will be expecting you. You’ll also have invested time and money into the process which will undoubtedly increase your commitment to your training otherwise you are losing out monetarily as well as slowing down your progress. It’s a harsh truth but money is one of the things we value most, so giving some of it up to invest in a goal like this can be a powerful motivator.

Your coach basically becomes your personal cheerleader and motivator for you to keep going and stay on track. It is literally their job to get you to the gym, and from a business perspective too, your results in the gym and how you feel about your progress says a lot about them as a trainer and it’s a big part of how we find new clients. So forgetting that we actually really want to see you succeed, it also benefits us personally too!

7. Confidence

This could be the main reason you haven’t been able to get into working out. Feeling self-conscious, intimidated or not knowing what you’re doing can easily mean you lack confidence in the gym and trust me, you are not alone!

Gyms can be incredibly intimidating places if you are just starting out but hiring a professional to be by your side every step of the way can make the world of difference. Personal trainers know what they’re doing, you’re confident you’re doing it right and you start getting more and more comfortable in the gym environment until at some point you’re able to fly the metaphorical nest and go it alone (woo!).

Personally, I train my clients at a private facility called Urban Reform in Manchester city centre so that my clients can learn how to train with a variety of equipment in a more relaxed environment, free from intimidation and ego. Pop me a message @liftyourselfconfident or via my Contact page if you’d like to check it out.

8. You have a specific injury or condition

It might be that you have trained successfully alone before but now you have a new injury or condition and require a professional to guide you in how to train safely going forwards. Different coaches will be specialised in different areas here so you’ll need to do a bit of research to find a coach that is appropriate for your condition.

For example, I don’t tend to deal with injury rehabilitation, however, I am an Exercise Referral Instructor so I do coach individuals with metabolic, pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases as well as musculoskeletal conditions.

If you are struggling to find an appropriate personal trainer for your injury/condition, pop me a message and I might well be able to either help you myself or refer you if more appropriate 🙂

9. You’re bored with your current plan

Part of the role of a personal trainer is to make your sessions enjoyable. The primary focus is of course to write a programme specific to your goals, but a good PT will take into account what you do and don’t enjoy.

Many people find exercise boring and uninspiring and it can lead to ‘falling off the wagon’ or fluctuating between periods of regular exercise and then periods where they hardly workout at all as it starts to feel like a huge chore again and maybe the results aren’t worth it (or aren’t being seen at all!). So making sure that you don’t feel like this again and can stick with your new lifestyle is vital – and that is another element that you’re paying for.

10. To get you through a plateau/time constraints

It might be that you’re a seasoned gym-goer and have managed your own training and nutrition successfully for a while now, but you seem to have hit a plateau. It could be that life has got so busy that you are finding it hard to find the time to put enough time into planning your sessions and managing your own progress. So it might be time to hire a personal trainer to take that on for you.

This may come as a surprise but many personal trainers hire their own personal trainers for exactly this reason. They are spending all their time on their client’s needs but they don’t want to let their own progress slip and so hire someone that specialises in training PTs to put the time in for them!

To learn more about whether a personal trainer is worth it for you, visit my personal training blog or reach out for a personal training consultation.

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