How to find a personal trainer in the UK

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Deciding to start working with a personal trainer is a big step. You’ve decided to make changes in your life and so who you choose for this is important to get right. Firstly, to get the absolute most out of the experience and to find the right person for you and your goals. So, how do you find a personal trainer in the UK? Especially someone who is going to be a good fit for your unique needs.

Below are a few things to check and so you can make sure you find the best fit for you.

Check experience and credentials

As with quite a few industries, you can coach people and run a personal training business without being a qualified PT. So it is always worth checking their credentials as correct advice and form coaching is essential to avoid injury! Also, if you have any specialist requirements, you’ll want to know if they can help with your condition.

Check reviews

Have a look on Google and see what their past/current clients are saying. If you can’t find any reviews, check on their website/socials and see if they have posted any on there. You can gain a lot of insight from reviews in terms of specific ways clients have benefitted from their PT and so what you can gain from them too.

Check location

It’s always best before you get super invested in a specific trainer, to check where they are located. If they aren’t local, you might find that the consistency of your training suffers, of course you’ll know whether this is likely to happen or not! But if you’re someone who struggles with motivation to workout anyway, being too far from your trainer may be an extra barrier you really don’t need! And if the gym you choose is important to you, check out my Ultimate Guide to Choosing A Gym With A Personal Trainer.

Have a Snoop

Do they pass the vibe check? Are they someone you would work well with? Do they seem to really care about their clients and their progress? These are important factors in finding the best personal trainer for you so having a good ol’ snoop is always a good shout.

Ray having a chat with a potential client who is wondering how to find a personal trainer in the UK

Be specific with your goals

When contacting a PT, be specific with your goals so they can quickly ascertain whether they are the right person to help you. If not, they should be able to refer you to someone that suits you better. This saves everyone’s time so it’s really useful if you can be as detailed as possible. For myself, I have a form to fill in with a few simply laid-out questions to help you get this across 🙂

Other things to think about when considering how to find a personal trainer in the UK

  • Don’t sign up before they’ve had a thorough conversation with you. If they are not willing to set this up then they are not someone you should be investing in. A good PT will want to hear all about your history, goals, likes and dislikes to be able to create the best programme for you.
  • Make sure you get on with them! You are going to be spending more time with your PT each week than you will do some of your friends, so it is important that you enjoy your sessions. If you don’t enjoy spending time with them then you are unlikely to push yourself quite as hard.
  • Make sure their expertise suits you. If you have a specific condition or injury, make sure that they are equipped to support you properly. Your body is not something that you should risk just because you’ve heard their clients are getting good results – those clients might have completely different needs to you.
  • Be upfront with any health conditions and concerns – this ties in with the point above. Please don’t hide any of your limitations! There’s no judgment here and we want to make sure you receive the most appropriate support!
  • Make sure you know exactly what you are paying for. Some personal trainers operate online, some in person and some a mixture of both. Some just offer training programmes, some offer training programmes with coaching services. Its also worth considering if you need help with nutrition, lifestyle and overall well being. Before you ask is a personal trainer is worth it? Consider if your trainer is offering all the services you need and never settle for less! Make sure you know what you are paying for and whether you are getting value for money as well! Some personal trainers will charge exactly the same and only provide training sessions but don’t support you once you leave the gym. Think about what support you need and go from there. Make sure you get a clear answer on exactly what you will receive for your cash!

If you’re looking for a personal trainer in Manchester, get in touch to find out more about my personal training and nutrition services!

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