Fitness for Couples: The Benefits of Working Out Together 

Exploring the Power of Partnered Workouts

Sticking to a fitness routine with regular workouts can be a challenge to maintain over a long period of time. There always seems to be a reason to fall out of the habit and feel as though you’re back at square one. Whether it’s financial or time pressure, or simply a lack of enjoyment or accountability, it can be very easy to let good habits slide. Getting your partner involved however, could be the decision that leads to ‘starting again’ just one last time. If you’re on the fence, hopefully these benefits of fitness for couples will give you that final push, to get you both fired up and ready to smash your fitness goals as a team.

Strengthening Bonds: How Fitness for Couples Enhances Relationships

In 2024 it seems like there is an absolute mountain of things to get through each and every week to be on top of everything.  Reduced work/life boundaries, social commitments, maintaining the flat/house, as well as taking care of your health is A LOT, particularly in a cost of living crisis, which puts pressure on all of the above. This means that, sometimes in all the craziness of life, many couples find that they don’t get much ‘us-time’ to enjoy each other’s company. Combining a self-care activity, with some couple time, can therefore be an efficient little hack.

On the other hand, it could be that you are managing to spend a lot of time together; socialising or relaxing at home, but are looking to start an activity together, and one that is so good for your health, seems like just the thing. Doing activities together that you have never done before, can bring out a whole new side to your relationship, where you find out more about your partner.

You can learn about their source of motivation – do they get a real boost from being encouraged by other people, or are they very self-motivated? How hard do they push themselves, and do they get a kick out of making it to the last rep? By learning more about your partner, you get to know how best to motivate and support them. This can translate into your everyday lives, and how you can better support them through tough situations that might come your way. 

Watching your partner get stronger and more confident in the gym means that you get to see them at their most badass, which is super attractive (imo). Extra respect for your partner can only add some health points to your relationship.  I’m not going to go into detail as to why seeing your partner get a sweat on, with a sweet muscle pump and a look of pure determination, could help those of us with an interest in particular at-home activities… so I’ll leave that to your imagination;)

Motivation Boost: Mutual Support in Fitness for Couples

We all have days where we just don’t want to, period. And working out is usually at the top of the ‘don’t wanna’ list. I don’t know about you, but I have never regretted a workout. Maybe it doesn’t make me feel ten times better every single time, but it definitely doesn’t make me feel worse. Usually though, I feel infinitely better, and so having your partner there to motivate you to get to the gym is very helpful. Once you are there, you’ll be improving your physical health and will often feel the mental health boost before you even leave the gym. Without your partner to support you, you may not have even left the house. So if you’ve got them, use them!

Shared Goals, Shared Triumphs: Achieving Success as a Team

If you’ve decided to train at the gym together, and are of similar abilities and fitness levels, it’s a good idea to share a programme. This means you’ll be doing the same exercises. You can therefore coach each other to improve form and make sure you’re lifting safely and effectively. It also means you have more to talk about when you’re training together, and can relate to how hard/easy you find various exercises. Being able to relate to the difficulty of each exercise means that when you each achieve successes, such as increasing the amount you’re lifting, you can share in your triumphs together. It’s also easier to motivate each other when you’re in it together.

Fun and Play: Infusing Joy into Fitness with Partnered Activities

Another great thing about training with your partner, is that you get to hang out with one of your favourite people even more! Instead of training separately, or leaving your partner at home, you gain more quality time together. You can catch up on what you’ve got on today/how you day was, depending on what time you go, or gossip about your favourite shows – basically hanging out while also doing a fun, productive activity together. You can poke fun at each other’s straining faces and weird noises, or be all sweet and supportive if you’re a nicer person than me.

Accountability Partners: Holding Each Other Responsible for Progress

When it’s just yourself that’s responsible for whether you go to the gym or not, it’s very easy to let yourself off now and again. It can then become more frequent, until it’s less of a routine and more a sporadic attempt to keep the habit. When you have someone else relying on you to motivate them to get out of the house however, you’re no longer doing it for just you. You don’t want to let your partner down, so off you go.

It also means that you can make a deal to hold each other accountable for making the healthy choice and getting the workout in. It’s often easier to take care of someone else than it is ourselves, so holding each other accountable can be a very powerful thing. This can be the difference from looking back in five months and realising your routine has ceased to exist, versus looking back in five years and seeing how far you’ve both come. You’ve got each other in this.

Beyond the Gym: Integrating Fitness into Everyday Life as a Couple

The best thing about your gym partner also being your partner in life, means that they can keep you on track outside of the gym too. This could be making sure you go to the gym, or it could be related to goals that you are working on at home, such as maintaining a nutritious diet that is both healthy and supports your fitness goals, working on your flexibility, or getting outside for walks more, if you have a job that involves a lot of sitting down. You can be each other’s ultimate accountability partners and help one another with a whole variety of healthy goals.

Fitness for Couples: Client Couple Testimonial

“Training as a couple has definitely been the best option for us – being able to support and encourage each other during sets has meant we have both really been able to push ourselves (especially when that last rep feels like it may be too difficult). It has been really up’lifting’ having someone else in your corner – like being each other’s cheerleader. Being on the same program has its benefits too – we start to know what to look out for in each other, making sure our form is good, and knowing how much of an achievement it really is when one of us improves.

It also means that when Ray gives one of us things to be doing at home whether that be stretches or nutritional advice, the other can make sure it actually gets done – we are able to keep each other accountable which is helpful, but it is entirely from a place of love and care so never starts feeling like a chore. As an LGBTQ+ couple – having a safe and judgement free space has been invaluable. Traditional gyms never felt welcoming, but training with Ray has actually been a very liberating experience. We can be our authentic selves and not have to worry.” – Kate & Ash

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If you’ve been thinking about investing in your health as a couple through weight lifting, but need some extra support, check out my Me&Two service. Spaces can be limited, so if you fill out a contact form, please add as much detail as possible, as this helps me to identify whether we could be a good fit. If you’ve decided to start a different fitness activity together, have the best time, stay safe and enjoy the many benefits of a consistent exercise routine!

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