What’s it like to be a female personal trainer in Manchester?

Female personal trainer in Manchester, Ray, gets ready for a session with a client

What is it really like to be a female personal trainer in Manchester?

A lot of my blogs tend to be based on guides/tips that you hopefully find useful. I thought I’d switch it up and talk a bit more about what it’s actually like to be a female personal trainer in Manchester. Many of my clients tend to ask about what else I get up to when I’m not with them. It really is a very different occupation to the standard nine to five and I understand the intrigue! So, here you go…

I can choose where I work

As a female personal trainer in Manchester there are so many options for where to hold 1-2-1 training sessions or partner training sessions. I like to split them into two different ‘kinds’ of gyms. First you’ve got the big chain gyms like PureGym, JD, Total Fitness, The Gym Group, David Lloyd and Bannatyne. Then you’ve got your independent standalone gyms like Frontline Fit, Gym 72 and the gym I am based at, Urban Reform.

Generally, personal trainers will be based at one main facility as we need to come to a financial arrangement with whoever owns the gym to be able to use their space. It isn’t that cost effective to be doing this in multiple locations, particularly if you’re based in the city centre like myself, and one location is easily accessible.

There are pros and cons of each option of course, but the main reason I choose the independent gym is due to the clientele that this attracts. I work with clients that are often put off by the bigger commercial gyms and just don’t find them particularly accessible for one reason or another (and I completely understand why!). These are the people that I am passionate about helping to build their gym confidence, in an environment where they feel safe. <3

I meet great people

I feel like I already implied this above, but I do! I’m lucky that i get to meet some really great people through my work and such a wide range too.

Personal training definitely used to be thought of as a service that only certain people (often the more affluent) would consider. However, I get such a range of different people working in different industries, from students and nine to fivers to creative freelancers, so each session is always different. Plus, everyone has different needs and goals, so each new client brings a different challenge for me.

Genuinely though, my clients are the reason I do what I do, I love seeing them progress and grow. Whether that’s in their self-confidence (which can be noticed even in the small things like how they walk into the gym), their physical strength, their energy levels or mood. It’s brilliant to see how movement and choosing to prioritise physical and mental health can be such a positive change in peoples lives. 

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I choose my own hours

Another great thing about being a personal trainer is that I get to choose my own hours. Of course, I accommodate clients and the times they want to train as much as possible. I also make sure to prioritise my own health and make sure that I am not at risk of burning out (which is a definite risk, ask any other self-employed person!).

So, I make sure I have time blocked out for myself when needed. It is a lot more freedom than the standard nine to five, which is what I absolutely love! But I can see the downsides too as leaving work, at work isn’t as simple. It’s interesting how different work structures suit different people right?

Great opportunities across the city

Another great thing about being a female personal trainer in Manchester is the opportunities that the city brings!

As well as training, nutrition and lifestyle coaching based at Urban Reform, there are lots of opportunities to run group classes around the city centre that use freelance fitness professionals like myself. This means that I get the variety of working in lots of different fitness clubs, boutiques and centres and mix with an even wider range of people!

It just keeps life more interesting and I can keep moving during the day from one place to another which I love as well, getting in some mindful moments, bopping to some tunes or listening to podcasts.

So there you have it! That’s a little insight into what I get up to as a female personal trainer in Manchester. If anyone has any questions, feel free to pop me a message.

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