Me&Two personal training manchester

Manchester personal training session for two? Yes please!! Share the fun and the cost with a partner – let’s reach those goals, together!

Have you been trying to get into training but it’s never really stuck?


Me&two personal training manchester

The Me&Two plan means that you can include someone else on your wellbeing journey; to share in the highs, the lows, to motivate each other and smash those fitness goals!!

You will learn methods of training appropriate for your goals, as well as invaluable nutrition knowledge. We’ll look at everything from macro and micronutrients to your fluid intake and fibre. The result is a healthier you while supporting your training and fuelling your body in the best way for exercise.

You’ll learn how to lift safely with the correct form and technique so that you know how to train even when I’m not around. 

You’ll feel energised, have a better relationship with your body and thrive in your new lifestyle.

Through this process, I am with you every step of the way. I go over and above to help you succeed. My support is not limited to our sessions/meetings just as your progression won’t be limited to these alone. I am here to give help and advice when you need it.

And of course, you will be challenged to push yourself throughout the whole process – are you ready?!!

me&two 2:1 personal training manchester

So, what will this involve for the two of ya?

You’ll both receive a Welcome Pack upon starting with some juicy tips and guides to start off with.

We’ll then have an initial session to see where you guys are currently at so that I can then plan our sessions appropriately for you both.

We will then begin your training and communicate consistently to monitor your progress and adapt the programme if necessary – your feedback will always be welcome, this is all for you!

You will both receive an initial nutrition check-in and then ongoing consultations which will be conducted individually so that you can get the most out of these. The key thing here is that one size does not fit all when it comes to nutrition, so let’s find what works for you. This will benefit you not only in terms of general health but in making sure that you are fuelling your body properly for training. You’ll also have access to a top nutrition tracking app called Nutrium where you can track your daily intake easily.

We’ll also have a grand ol’ time throughout the whole process with lots of encouragement and support from yours truly!

For our sessions, I have my own studio over at Pollard Yard which is a welcoming, inclusive and private space for us to train.

The benefits of Me&Two 2:1 personal training manchester

So, how does booking/pricing work?

For Me&Two, these are booked in blocks of sessions where you get to split the cost of training between you. 

You can pay monthly or upfront and we can work together to on what is going to work best for you.

So let’s have a chat! This can be virtually or over a coffee, whichever is going to be easiest for all of us.

Female personal trainer manchester

ray hickford


Female Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor

So, why choose Me&Two?

I’ve seen so many people struggle with motivation to start training, let alone keep at it for more than a few months.

I used to dip in and out of a training routine all the time and it’s always so hard getting back into it. Having said that, once you find a way that works for you, there’s no more dipping back out and you’ll be crushing it – on your own terms.

Being held accountable not only for your own success but for someone else’s too can be a huge motivator which is why this programme works.

This is what I do – I give you guys the right support, advice and confidence both in the gym and out.

ME&Two personal training is for you if

ME&Two personal training is not for you if

Personal training is no longer out of reach - share the £££ with a partner! You get to feel motivated, driven and excited to make changes to your health and fitness today.

Small group personal training is where you workout with others on the same training programme. This means that it’s best if you have similar goals so that I can create a programme that benefits both/all of you. My sessions are anything up to 3 of you as above this can contradict the ‘personal’ aspect of the service! So that’s you and 1 or 2 training buddies.

With training, you get out what you put in. For some people, working out with a friend, partner or family member actually drives them and they push themself a lot more than they would in an individual session. So sometimes this is the better option. One thing I would say though, is that if your goals are completely different, then training together might not be the best option. You would likely get more out of Personal Training. Of course, I can tailor sessions more to the individual with Personal training so there is benefit in that, but it is about what is going to work for you. Training with a partner might be just what you need!

If you are someone who enjoys working out with others, encouraging and challenging each other then absolutely! You still get individualised attention and form corrections from your personal trainer but you get the added benefit of extra quality time with your friend/partner/family member as well! You can see each other’s progress and share in your fitness journeys:) I offer nutrition/lifestyle services as well if this is something that you need extra support with too and these are conducted separately. So you train together but still get individual support outside of the gym. Small group personal training with me is anything up to 3 people.

  • You share the cost between you making it a very cost effective way of accessing personal training
  • You keep each other accountable and share the journey together
  • It’s a fun, rewarding, healthy activity to do together <3

We can sit down and see if there are any particular times/days that would work best for you and I’ll do my best to make that work. At the end of the day, you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t think it was possible – maybe there’s an hour you can trade for something else, who knows? Maybe it’s down to whether you really want to or not.

I can only guess at why this was but the key thing about my services is that they are all tailored to you as a pair. We will communicate constantly so you can let me know if something isn’t working for either of you.

Hey, if you’re not sure, we can always have a chat, completely non-committal and then you can decide if this is for you. Although, if you’ve read this far, I feel like you’ve answered your own question there…;)

So this really depends on where you live, the personal trainer and whether you are having to pay for a gym membership on top as well.

To give you a ballpark though, hourly personal training rates typically range from £30-65 per session, depending on the coach and if you have any specialist needs.

Now, certain coaches, myself included, have access to private gyms where you can come for sessions without paying a membership to the gym itself, which cuts the cost for you (yay!). I cover the cost of using the gym myself so the cost to you is purely for my personal training in Manchester services.

My pricing always fits within the standard rates and for block bookings (so signing up for a certain number of sessions/programme length) you’ll be looking at the lower end – of course depending on how many times per week we are training and your goals.

A huge benefit of small group personal training however is that you get to spread this cost between you, so it is a very cost effective way of still getting a personal service!

Pop me a message if you are interested in personal training in Manchester and we can go into this in more detail.

apply for ME&Two personal training manchester

Please note that this form does not guarantee you a place training with me. The level of commitment you have towards your goal and how detailed your answers are will give me a better idea as to whether we are a good fit . Fill in your answers with as much detail as possible and I’ll get back to you ASAP! For Me&Two both you and your partner must fill in this form so I can learn about your goals and put a plan in place that works for both of you.