10 Female Personal Training Tips for Women Who Want to be a Gym Badass

Ready to become a gym badass but not sure how to get there? Why not start by checking out my 10 Female Personal Training Tips for Women below to get a few ideas…

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1. Don’t be scared to ask for help

Like anything in life, you are not going to just pick something up and instantly know what you are doing. The gym is no different. So ask someone who knows, whether that is a friend, family member, or hiring a PT to show you the ropes. Trust me, this process is going to be a hell of a lot easier if you know what you’re doing.

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2. Go with a friend / call for back up

Gym-timidation is no joke. Way more people than you may realise also have anxiety when thinking about stepping into a gym for the first time, let alone actually doing it. So, if you can, get someone you know to come along with you for support the first few times until you feel comfortable in the environment.

Again, there’s no shame in asking for help. We all need it sometimes and just because you know lots of people who are super confident in the gym, doesn’t mean they don’t have other things that they find difficult to tackle.

PTs often offer female personal training sessions for you and a friend – check out my 2:1 personal training services here.

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3. Keep going back! Be consistent

You will NOT see results within a week, let alone a few weeks. This is a process. Think about this as a change you are making to your life and not just the next few weeks.

If you haven’t seen any change at all in say three months, then that would be the time to review and consider what might not be working well for you. But please don’t give up after a few weeks as you won’t see drastic changes either in your performance at the gym or physically either. You might feel better mentally however, but if this is your goal then the consistency rule still applies!

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4. Be structured

Turning up at the gym and deciding then and there what you are going to do during your session is not the way to go. You will need to put in some planning for your sessions and follow some sort of female personal training programme otherwise you can’t really hope to progress in anything you are doing if you just do random workouts. Again, asking someone in the know, whether that is a mate, an online coach or a PT, you’ll need to have a plan.

Some coaches online simply sell programmes for you to follow and it’s a low-cost way of getting a programme from a professional. Personally, I offer a hybrid service if clients want to go down this routine so I will still have contact with you throughout the programme and I can take a look at your technique and progress online. This just has a higher chance of success and that’s what we want right? But think about what might work well for you and go from there.

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5. Be kind to your body 

This one is a key female personal training tip… Let’s treat ourselves well! Eat well, sleep well and hydrate! You want to be supporting your efforts in the gym as best you can by doing as much as you can for your body outside of the gym. You can find a lot of information online on each of these areas – if it’s all a bit too much though feel free to reach out and I can help to simplify it all for ya!

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6. Be dedicated 

Ok so to see any real progress, the gym honestly needs to become part of your life and not just something you do every now and then. So you will need to plan your week around it, whether that is figuring out transport, timings, food, sleep schedule – anything that could possibly get in the way.

You need to go ahead and make sure that ‘life’ doesn’t find a way to interfere – and slowly but surely the gym actually becomes part of your life and your routine every week (woo).

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7. Work full body

I think we can all agree to put the huge booty with skinny upper body look back in the last decade and leave it there. Are we not ready to get STRONG and not only build a juicy booty?!

Let’s get bench pressing, pull-upping, rowing, deadlifting, shoulder pressing and get our entire bodies strong, powerful and look badass doing it. Let’s take over the bench section in the gym and that way we encourage more women to venture over as it becomes a less intimidating and male-dominant space.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against building a juicy booty (yeh I’ve committed to it now 😂) but I am against neglecting every other beautiful part of our bodies. So I guess I am just really trying to encourage you to not shy away from building muscle up top because firstly you are absolutely not going to ‘bulk up’ and become huge because it is actually really hard for biological females due to our low testosterone levels. Secondly, the strong, toned look is gorgeous 😉 Just sayin’.

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8. Start light 

Everyone has to start somewhere and you don’t want to end up hurting yourself and then setting yourself back weeks – it’s more time efficient to just be safe, build up to it and learn correct technique on a lighter weight for the first month before stacking on the weight.

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9. Wear something you’re going to be comfortable in 

Whatever that means to you. Whether that is a body-hugging matching bra and short shorts or a baggy tee and joggers. You want to be both physically comfortable (think light, breathable clothes as you will be getting warm) but also mentally too. You might feel super badass in skin tight clothes or you might not want to show your body much at all – it really doesn’t matter what anyone else is wearing as no matter where you go, there are going to be people wearing one of those two extreme examples – and everything in between.

You do you gurl – at the end of the day you want to be setting yourself up for success in every way, it’ll make you more likely to enjoy the process and stick with it long term. As we discussed earlier, this is not a short term deal, this is a lifestyle change that you keep up long-term and it becomes part of your weekly routine. So don’t make the first few sessions unenjoyable by wearing something you feel you ‘should’ wear, just be you:)

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10. Eat!  

There’s nothing worse than being hungry at the gym (ok I may be exaggerating a bit there but hear me out). All you can think about is what you’re going to eat after your session so your motivation takes a nosedive not to mention your energy levels.

Funnily enough, working out uses a fair amount of energy (otherwise known as calories!) and so we need fuel in the tank, otherwise, we are wasting our time with a half-assed session.

Food is your friend when it comes to becoming a gym badass. You need to properly fuel your body prior to working out and then give it the right nutrients it needs post-workout for recovery, so you’re ready to go again next session. You want to be focussing on carbohydrate-rich foods prior to working out (at least an hour before, longer if it’s a meal) and then a good hit of protein and carbohydrates post-workout. If food is an area you struggle with, give me a shout, I offer nutrition consulting services so we can get you sorted with a solid plan to go forward alongside your training.

Looking for a female personal trainer? Check out my personal training services or follow me on Instagram for more female personal training tips.

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